Christopher Hubbell, MD

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Meet Dr. Hubbell

Dr. Hubbell, a board certified dermatologist, utilizes his extensive experience and precise judgement to address the aesthetic concerns and desires of his patients while setting them at ease.
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An Integrated Approach To Non-Surgical Aesthetics

Your skin is unique to you. There is not a one-size-fits-all solution. Our team of skin experts delivers highly customized non-surgical cosmetic and skincare solutions that give you - subtle yet noticeable -results. Reveal the face you know with confidence through cosmetic enhancement procedures.

We've Changed Our Name

Acadiana Dermatology and aJeuné MedSpa are now “Hubbell Dermatology and Aesthetics”

June 11, 2018 Lafayette, Louisiana

In recognition of the world class expertise of Dr. Hubbell and expansion of aesthetic services, the practice is now Hubbell Dermatology and Aesthetics.

“Our new practice name is my personal commitment to my patients to deliver the best, safest and most advanced treatments and procedures,” Dr Christopher Hubbell stated. “And for my current and future medical and cosmetic patients, I’m placing my family name and reputation to continued best patient care.” The new practice name also memorializes an increasing emphasis on total skin health and aesthetic appearance. The practice has invested significantly in purchasing state of the art laser technology as well as the total CoolSculpting “dual sculpting” body shaping platform and coupled it with advanced Z Wave technology. “We are now well equipped to meet the Acadiana community’s total Dermatology and Aesthetic needs for the future, “ Dr Hubbell reiterated. “ And there’s more to come... stay tuned!”